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Recent advances in pest control technology has provided safer, more effective pest and termite control products now available in Arizona. Although safer to use in or around the home or workplace, these products are expensive and require a far higher level of skill to achieve a satisfactory result.

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For those of us living in Arizona pest control is a part of our lives. When a pest control technician shows up to your house you want to feel at ease. At Madrid’s Termite and Pest Control you are not going to get different technicians showing up at your house. You will get the same experienced and knowledgeable technician each and every time. The exterior of your home is the most important part of pest control as it is the natural environment for most insects. We want to limit the amount of insects that even make it to your house by seeking out all of the harborage areas in your yard and we will properly treat those areas. Then we will concentrate on the exterior of your house itself by treating all the entry points such as the foundation, windows, doorways and any other gaps there may be such as plumbing. In most cases the exterior treatment alone will take care of any problems and we don’t even need to come into your home. If you have an interior problem or just want the inside done we will gladly treat the interior as well.




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